What Smart Brides Know

Last Saturday the salon was buzzing with beautiful positive energy and the excitement of a bridal party and I must say that the entire bridal party walked out looking fabulous!

That being said let me tell you what smart brides know. They know that they need a game plan and that their hair needs to look fabulous before they show up for their Bridal Hair appointment. This beautiful bride, Carlie, was on it, when she got engaged we began working toward softer more natural looking highlights, we knew she wanted to be light but not too light so we took her to a very soft believable blonde. She also let her hair grow because we wanted to have a lot of options and the longer her hair was the more options we would have.


In the last few appointments before the wedding we played with different Updo ideas like half up and side swept curls but decided to leave it down with a full head of glamorous curls. Keep in mind that it was April in Atlanta and the weather can be hot and humid so having glamorous curls that will hold can be tricky so we practiced different curling techniques like a velcro roller set but the curls needed to be locked in stronger. We experimented with curling her entire head with the curling iron using Oribe’s Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray for hold and to protect her hair, we carefully removed each curl from the barrel of the curling iron and pinned it in place like a roller set and put her under an old fashioned hot hooded dryer for 30 minutes with a 30 minutes cool down. It may sound extreme but we had a plan and it worked beautifully!

I highly recommend having a relationship with your salon and a talented stylist/colorist for a couple of reasons:

1) You hair will look fabulous
2) You will be relaxed and confident on your big day
3) If they know and love you it will be super fun for your entire bridal party

Lucky for us all we know the entire bridal party and were able to have their hair color and cuts fabulous before they walked in for the big day which made them extra fabulous on their way out!


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