Curly Hair Hatred

I have watched women for years pull their curly hair straight, some with incredible skill and some… not so much.frizzy
What is frustrating to me as a hair stylist is seeing a client walk in the salon a frizzy mess because she made a lame attempt at drying her hair straight . I spoke to a client about coming up with a curly hair plan and she said “No, I like it straight” and I had to tell her the reality is her “straight” was not good enough. She saw the curly hair light and left with some amazing Oribe products.
Fabulous new products are designed to keep your curls together and soft. For naturally curly hair that needs to be controlled we are huge fans of Curl by Definition and Curl Shaping Mousse both by Oribe. These wonderful products could be your game changer and you too may be able to embrace your curls. Let the romance begin!
JLoOribeGirl-CurlyCheck out JLo’s beautiful curls!

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