Cool Girl Roots and Unacceptable Hair Color

Two new clients came to see me at Belle de Jour Salon for a haircut, both of them needed their color done but they were just coming in for a haircut. One of them had such extreme roots it was hard to consult on the haircut without first addressing her hair color.

Sometimes roots are cool. A lot of mega-blondes prefer their hair color a week after they have it done because they like the depth of the dark new growth.
I chose this picture of Julianne Hough to show when roots are good and when they are not. Basically anything up to about 1 inch of new growth can be cool. Then you get to the 2 inch range and it just looks bad, like an abandoned plan. Then you go a little longer and get into the 4 inch range and you are back to cool with an Ombré look.
Roots DiagramIt reminds me of when I was a young stylist at Van Michael Salon and a client with grey-ish/greenish hair went into great detail about her haircut. I finally said “What about your color?” and she looked at me blankly and said “What’s wrong with it?” and I had to tell her it was green.
I played again in Photoshop with beautiful Julianne Hough’s picture. I took her makeup off because it is my experience that clients with grey-ish/greenish don’t usually have perfect makeup on. FYI this color mistake often happens when darker haired women try to go megablonde at home with a one step color, they choose an ash color with the hope it will be a pretty and cool toned blonde, but if the ash color grabs on the already blonde ends it is an ugly grey-ish/greenish color which exaggerates bad skin tones and flaws as you can see in these images.
bad Color DiagramGood news. Both new clients have made their hair color appointments with me in the next couple of weeks!

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