We have streamlined our Services!

In an effort to make your user experience easier and for you to have more control over the services you want we have created new Services with add-on options that let you customize your service!

Once you choose the best session for you, there will be several options to customize your appointment. Below the options section is a drop down menu where you can choose your stylist or select “first available” (please note our system assigns first available from the highest to lowest price, we have no control over this feature, so you may want to search stylists by name and price first.)

Our Current COVID Protocol

UPDATE as of February 22, 2022: Individuals who are vaccinated are not required to wear a mask inside the salon. As always thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate our COVID protocols.

If you cancel an appointment due to COVID symptoms, exposure or a positive test, we will require 2 weeks before rescheduling or a negative PCR test result.

Agreement for Online Booking

Before you schedule your appointment online, we ask that you please observe and agree to the following:

1. CANCELLATIONS and LATE ARRIVALS: Any service cancelled with less than a 48 hour notice will be subject to a late cancellation fee up to 50% of the scheduled services. Any cancellations within 24 hours of the service or “no shows” will be charged up to 100% of the scheduled services.
2. Our booking system requires a credit card on file for all guestsTo verify your credit card information a transaction of one penny ($0.01) will be run on your card to verify the information.
3. If you are a New Guest, you understand that you must schedule a New Guest Session and you need to send photos right away to complete your booking. If you do not send the photos our appointment may be cancelled.
4. If you have any time restraints please let us know by adding a note to your service. We do our best to schedule the proper amount of time for each guest but there are variables in processing times.
5. Please save the confirmation email. If you have to cancel you can via the “manage appointment” link. Please note if it less than 24 hours in advance you will need to text us 404-250-9100
6. We do our best to run on time, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late for your appointment we reserve the right to ask you to reschedule.
7. Space is limited in the salon please do not bring guests or children.