Meet Our Team

CINDY – Hair stylist & Colorist

Cindy is driven to be the best hair stylist and colorist! Cindy is a self proclaimed education junkie, she loves continued education! Current coloring and styling techniques are changing quickly. We love seeing Cindy take a new technique and then put her own special touch on it! Cindy’s guests are on trend but never too trendy!

Cindy is young and fresh and has a great attitude and she is always eager to please. Cindy loves Balayage techniques, including Foilage, Lived In Color and Shadow Root techniques. Cindy has been coloring and styling hair at Belle de Jour since 2016, but she is still our newest stylist which is great for you because she has entry level pricing!

Cindy is accepting new guests for all services including Haircut Only guests!

See Cindy’s beautiful work here!

OLESIA – Hair stylist, Colorist & Customer SErvice expert

Some things are just meant to be. We are thrilled to have Olesia on our amazing team. Olesia apprenticed under a very talented and old school French hair stylist. She then became a colorist and styling specialist at the salon at the St. Regis Hotel here in Atlanta where she catered to very affluent hotel guests for over 5 years. She does fabulous hair and truly is a customer service expert. Olesia is so outstanding at customer service that she now trains all of our new assistants. Olesia is a well rounded and talented stylist, she does beautiful Balayage and Foil Highlights.

Olesia is accepting new guests for all services including Haircut Only guests!

See Olesia’s beautiful work here!

HANNAH – Hair Stylist & Colorist

Hannah understands true Southern Beauty like nobody can! She grew up in a house with two beautiful sisters in a family filled with pageants and crowns. Hannah is a very independent thinker and always wanted to do hair but her parents insisted she get a degree first. She graduated from Clemson University and immediately pursued her dream of doing hair. We were lucky enough to meet Hannah in 2016 when she was scouting out Atlanta salons. She has a great eye and knows how to enhance a woman’s beauty. Hannah has built a faithful following by doing beautiful hair! Hannah does amazing Balayage and her placement is always on point and her haircuts are blended and beautiful. Hannah is currently pursuing hand tied hair extensions working with sew in beaded rows.

Hannah is accepting new Hair Color/Haircut guests.

See Hannah’s beautiful work here!


MARY – Hair Stylist & Colorist

Mary is so professional and talented, honestly she came of beauty school like a boss, with a skill set and level of professionalism that would take others years to achieve. She is such a well rounded and talented stylist. She always knows exactly where to place a highlight for it to have the most beautiful impact! Mary’s Balayage and Foil Highlights are beautiful and she is excellent at gray coverage and all over color. Mary stays on top of the latest trends and she is great with both fine and thick haired clients. Mary always works efficiently and she is a timely stylists and guests with a busy schedule know that she values and respects their time and that they will be out of the salon in the most timely fashion looking beautiful!

Mary is accepting new Hair Color/Haircut guests.

See Mary’s beautiful work here!

MEGHAN – Expert Stylist & Colorist

Meghan is such a talented stylist. She is so fun and always makes doing hair look so easy! It may look like just a few simple pieces she is painting but there is so much more to this thought out strategy and we are always WOWed by the “less is more” aspect of the beautiful hair that she creates! We have had the pleasure of watching Meghan grow as a talented and sought out stylist since 2013. Meghan does beautiful Balayage and Foil Highlights and loves a sun kissed look for both her Blondes and Brunettes. She is excellent at gray coverage and often does a combination of Color with Balayage added in for dimension. Meghan appreciates her own beautiful low maintenance style and she strives to keep your look beautiful and low maintenance too!

Meghan is accepting new Hair Color/Haircut guests.

See Meghan’s beautiful work here!


BRANDIN – Expert Colorist & Stylist

Brandin has years of experience and talent and is a sought after stylist specializing in cool toned mega-blondes. She knows what blondes like, after all she is a mega-blonde herself. Brandin has mastered highlighting blondes without yellow tones and she is our Foil Queen. She is great at formulating for gray coverage and is always happy to help train our assistants. Brandin also loves creating beautiful Balayage Highlights and has great haircutting skills. Brandin’s work is consistently beautiful and she prides herself on running on time.

Brandin is accepting new Hair Color/Haircut guests.

See Brandin’s beautiful work here!

ELENA – Expert Colorist & Stylist

Elena loves her guests and she always takes great care of them. She goes out of her way to make them feel glamorous and beautiful. Elena takes into consideration what looks best on her guest as well as their lifestyle and overall image. She has taken the knowledge she has learned from the masters and tweaked it to make it her own and she is not truly a master of her craft. Elena’s color applications are nothing short of perfection. She takes great pride in what she does and it shows in her beautiful Balayage and Foil Highlights and perfect color formulations. Seeing Elena is always a luxury experience and her goal is to keep her clients beautiful and happy.

Elena is accepting new Hair Color/Haircut guests.

See Elena’s beautiful work here!

ANDREA – Owner, Color Director & Master Stylist

I am the proud owner of Belle de Jour Salon. I am a very creative woman with a colorful history who loves a good story! I had the privilege of training at Louis Licari in Manhattan and Van Michael Salon here in Buckhead. Apprenticing was hard work but I learned the science of color formulation and the art of color application in a very hands on fashion.

I opened Belle de Jour when my eight year old son was going through chemotherapy, we are blessed and he has been in remission since 2012. Belle de Jour has always been my happy place and I love sharing it with all of you! Giving back is a huge part of who we are and each year in September we do fundraising for CURE Childhood Cancer, to date we have raised over $50,000! Life is funny and in may I am glad I was forced to rebuild my clientele, it has kept me current and I pride myself on being learning new things.

I am currently accepting new Hair Color/Haircut guests.

See more of our beautiful work here!

Mara – Licensed apprentice/Assistant to Andrea

It is always a pleasure having Mara at the salon. Mara started out as our front desk manager and we quickly learned that she has a natural aptitude for hair and we are proud to have her as a licensed apprentice. Mara is assisting our owner, Andrea while she is pursuing her cosmetology license.

Luz – Professional Assistant

Luz has been in the beauty industry since she was a little girl in her mother’s salon in Columbia. We are so lucky to have Luz, she is great with clients and is always so helpful. Luz came to us with the highest recommendations from a trusted colleague and Atlanta hair industry leader; he said, “I wish I need her, she is fabulous,” He was right!

Amber – licensed apprentice

We are so excited to have the opportunity to train Amber and take her to full licensure. She is lovely and professional and based on these qualities we recruited her to become an apprentice. Little did we know she is a complete natural at doing hair. She has picked it up so quickly and we love watching her grow as a stylist. Amber is always upbeat and fun and we know you will enjoy her as much as we do!

ANDREEA “DAYA” – Licensed Apprentice

Daya loves being in the beauty industry and loves all things fashion. She is always up on the latest trends and it shows, she is our Diva Fashionista! Daya is also a natural customer service expert and we get many compliments from clients on what a great job she does and how nice she is. We are very lucky to have Daya on our Belle de Jour team!